Nov 30

Happy Saint Andrew’s Day

Happy Saint Andrew’s Day, everyone!

In the world of unionism, Better Together have a big campaign day planned throughout Scotland to celebrate, while the Argyle Group are hosting the first of their “Stronger Together” talks in Belfast, this one led by Murdo Fraser MSP. Here at OU we’ll hopefully have a Scotland-related article up for you this afternoon. Just in case it doesn’t come through, we’ll leave you with one of our favourite poems from Scotland’s national bard, Robert Burns. Whatever his actual political sympathies, the second stanza is a fine thing.

Does haughty Gaul invasion threat?

Does haughty Gaul invasion threat?
Then let the louns beware, Sir;
There’s wooden walls upon our seas,
And volunteers on shore, Sir:
The Nith shall run to Corsincon,
And Criffel sink in Solway,
Ere we permit a Foreign Foe
On British ground to rally!
We’ll ne’er permit a Foreign Foe
On British ground to rally!

O let us not, like snarling curs,
In wrangling be divided,
Till, slap! come in an unco loun,
And wi’ a rung decide it!
Be Britain still to Britain true,
Amang ourselves united;
For never but by British hands
Maun British wrangs be righted!
No! never but by British hands
Shall British wrangs be righted!

The Kettle o’ the Kirk and State,
Perhaps a clout may fail in’t;
But deil a foreign tinkler loun
Shall ever ca’a nail in’t.
Our father’s blude the Kettle bought,
And wha wad dare to spoil it;
By Heav’ns! the sacrilegious dog
Shall fuel be to boil it!
By Heav’ns! the sacrilegious dog
Shall fuel be to boil it!

The wretch that would a tyrant own,
And the wretch, his true-born brother,
Who would set the Mob aboon the Throne,
May they be damn’d together!
Who will not sing “God save the King,”
Shall hang as high’s the steeple;
But while we sing “God save the King,”
We’ll ne’er forget The People!
But while we sing “God save the King,”
We’ll ne’er forget The People!

Photo: This Friday is St Andrews Day and we will be, once again, taking our message out onto the streets of Scotland. Events are being hosted in St Andrews, Aberdeen, Inverness, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, and Dundee. For more information please visit bettertogether.net or take a look at our events section on Facebook.

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  1. Old Albion

    I wonder if Unionists will be running a similar campaign for St George’s day? It’s April 23rd in case you didn’t know.

  2. IndependentEngland

    Happy St Andrews Day! Every St George’s Day we English are reminded that St George wasn’t English, never visited these islands etc.etc. Just thought I’d remind you that St Andrew wasn’t Scottish never visited these islands etc. etc. Oh and on St Patricks Day I’ll be reminding people that St Patrick wasn’t Irish!

    1. OU Editors

      I believe Saint Patrick is celebrated for bringing Catholic Christianity to Ireland, rather than being Irish.

  3. Union2012

    This reincarnation of Open Unionism has only been on the go since September, so it’s a bit unfair to criticise us for not celebrating the other three patron saints!

  4. Pearl of Tyburn

    Hi, everyone!

    First, a belated Happy St. Andrew’s Day to guys, as well! For anyone interested in how St. Andrew came to be the patron saint of Scotland, I put up a post about it on my blog:


    I think it would be terrific to do a special something for the four patron saints of the UK on OU! Okay, so as a Catholic, I’m nuts about the calendar of saints, but they really were amazing, and legends are equally cool! Also, has anyone ever thought of doing something on St. Alban’s feast? After all, he was the first Christian martyr of Britain.

    Secondly, I adore that Robert Burns song! Effie Deans was the first one who introduced me to it, and I memorized the lyrics they were so good! Unfortunately, I was unable to locate the proper tune, so I sing “Does Haughty Gaul Invasion Threat?” to the tune of “Cragie-burn Wood”. It actually works pretty well :-)

    Thirdly, I really like the Scottish lion with the St. Andrew’s Cross design in the icon. I honestly think it’s high time the Brits who actually still consider themselves to be Brits reclaim the national symbols and events of Scotland as their own. I’m sick of the Nats possessing Bannockburn and Culloden. I’m sick of them claiming ownership over Robert Burns and Bagpipes. And I’m really, really sick of them making St. Andrew’s Day into a publicity stunt for their destructive agenda!

    God Bless,
    Pearl of Tyburn

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